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Happy Birthday FAP. 30 years in activity. 1987-2017.

Extrusion Line Sheet PE-PP Foam production

Twin-screw extruder

PE-PP Foam Sheet Extrusion Line
100% Made in Italy

Extrusion Line for making flexible, technical, ecologic, Expanded, non cross linked, low-density Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) film for small, middle and big productions, using “Direct Gasing” extrusion process. 

The Extrusion Lines developed and built by FAP in the last years have brought important innovations regarding the production of PE/PP expanded foam.

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In fact, there is a significant presence of the products based on FAP technology on the European market. The newly developed machines by FAP manage to produce materials of higher quality and better density in comparison with the existing offer of the same product on the today’s market. The main range of application of the materials, produced on FAP lines: building, automotive, packaging industries.

polyethylene foam extruder production

Polyethylene (PE) foam

Polypropylene PP expanded foam low density

Polypropylene (PP) foam

The materials produced are 100% recyclable and they are manufactured using technologies and production processes sensible to atmospheric pollution are not causing problems to ozone  and minimizing industrial wastes.

innovative twin-screw technology in extruder FAP has enlarged its range of technical solutions, so that currently it can design and build machines with a productivity starting from 40 up to 1500 Kg /h, obtaining very low density of 16 kg/m3 (PE expanded film) and of 30 kg/m3 (PP expanded film). The final product itself starts with the idea of a basic product that can be developed, improved and finally personalized according to the specific requirements of the customers.

foam accumulation system for lamination process non-stop

Non-stop lamination

With great success FAP designs and constructs Foam Conversion Machinery:

  • Laminating Lines to laminate expanded PE-PP/Bubble film with other materials (for building, automotive, packaging industries);
  • Cutting and Welding Machinery to convert materials in formats and bags;
  • Cutter for Angular Formats to make three-dimensional profiles;
  • Additional equipment.
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high precision gravimetric dosers for extruder

Gravimetric dosers units

Choose FAP! We have the solution for your success!

The best standards: High productivity, best quality of final materials, non-waste production, low production costs, low electricity costs.

The best offers: Complete automatic machines and Know-How.
1. FAP offers full extrusion lines, machines for the treatment of granulated blends, extrusion gas controlling unit, gravimetric dosers units, equipment for the treatment of the film and winding units, additional equipment for foam conversion.
2. FAP provides the specific advanced knowledge of all production processes.

Constant development: During technical research and development of the screws and extrusion heads, FAP has successfully optimized various materials concerning density and homogeneity, thus being the unique manufacturer able to offer excellent quality at a competitive price of the final product.
The improvement of the mixing process of PE with gas on one hand, and the use of the economical and efficient lines on the other hand have led to a saving up to 20% of the costs, showing important figures for Kw/Kg of product.

complete extrusion line for foam sheet PE PP production

Complete Extrusion Line – Made in Italy

Continual contact with client: Long-term experience and professionalism allow to provide a competent support for the customers, from the very first step of the production line’s planning until the putting into operation the machines. Regarding the specific field of extrusion in which FAP is a leader, the company guides and advises customers in order to achieve the best production profit for any kind of expanded material.

1. FAP lines can produce any kind of traditional expanded materials, as well as innovative ones. 2. FAP machines can be introduced in already exiting production.

High technology
The extrusion lines are based on twin-screw technology that allows a better control during the mixing process of the melt. The extruders are divided in areas with various temperatures and pressure levels and are equipped with dosing units with a high precision and fidelity. An accurate study and research of the construction and implementation of the electrical units has led to a remarkable energy saving method and thus to lower material costs. The FAP lines are designed to function 24h a day and therefore built with high quality materials, which are treated for long-life use and a handling with minimum issues.

Technical assistance: FAP guarantees post-sale technical support for the successful management and maintenance, rapid supply of spare parts, immediate assistance by e-mail or by phone (9 am – 12 pm and 2 pm – 6 pm GMT+1, Monday to Friday) for any kind of support, concerning production, development of the product scale, etc.

  • K 2016 The World’s No.1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber
    K 2016 The World’s No.1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber


Choosing FAP technology you obtain:

+ Long-term profit,
+ The best price of the final product,
+ The best quality of the final product,
+ The best technology, existing in the market,
+ The vast range of materials for various industries,
+ Low costs of electrical power during the manufacturing process,
+ All machines are designed and assembled in conformity with European safety rules (CE).


Assocomaplast society of plastics and rubber machinery, equipment and mouldsFAP Srl is a member of Italian Plastics and Rubber processing machinery and moulds manufacturers’ association Assocomaplast