FAP was established by Luigi Poli in the heart of the famous industrial North-Italian area Brianza. In 1987 combining his audacious spirit with remarkable knowledge and technical skills, Poli began to create his first machines and industrial lines designed to operate in the field of PP and PE extrusion.
Focusing mainly on quality and reliability, Poli was a real pioneer in Italy during the 80′s, specializing in building machines and industrial lines for the extrusion process and various further transformations of expanded plastic materials like PE and PP. The principal aim of the company has been the construction of extrusion lines of high level for the light expanded film, including also winding, laminating and transforming equipment.
Following the entrepreneurial concept of perfection, innovation and research FAP has gained trust and approval of its customers, who have been successfully implementing FAP machines in their plants relying on FAP’s world experience and on more than thirty years of leadership on the market, also thanks to an excellent price / performance ratio.

FAP has always developed machines, which have been designed to meet the customers’ special needs and high expectations. They have been always doing their best to foresee all challenges and difficulties that might occur during the production, aiming to find out fast and the best solutions, focusing on maximum profit from the investment. The final product itself starts with the idea of a basic product, consequently developed, improved and finally personalized according to the specific requirements of the customers. As a matter of fact FAP is a synonym for long-term profit in terms of investment costs.
Due to over thirty -year experience of Luigi in this field and to the collaboration with his sons, FAP has successfully managed to create a large range of machines permanently up-dated to the latest technical requests on the market. The name FAP stands for innovative and reliable solutions, aiming to make the business of their customers profitable and prosperous.

The extrusion lines developed and built by FAP in the last years have brought important innovations regarding the production of PE film expanded. As a matter of fact there is a significant presence of the products based on FAP technology on the European market.The newly developed machines by FAP manage to produce materials of higher quality and better density in comparison with the existing offer of the same product on the today’s market.
FAP has enlarged its range of technical solutions, so that currently it can design and build machines with a productivity starting from 50 up to 1500 Kg /h, obtaining very lower density also under 16kg/m3.
During technical research and development of the screws and extrusion heads FAP has successfully optimized various materials regarding density and homogeneity, thus being the sole manufacturer able to offer excellent quality at a competitive price.
The improvement of the mixing process of PE with gas on one hand, and the use of the economical and efficient lines on the other hand have led to a saving up to 20% of the costs, showing important figures for Kw/Kg of product.
All these improvements and innovations generate considerable advantages for FAP customers, first, by saving electrical power during the manufacturing process and second, by achieving best quality of the final product. Customers who decide to use FAP machines will benefit from both these advantages: reduced production costs and high quality of the product.